Work Effectively in the Community Sector Essay

You need to take a sector of the Community Services Industry and research the current issues act uponing service bringing in that sector and reply the inquiries below based on your research. A sector could include:* Aged attention* Home and community attention* Disability services* Alcohol and other drugs* Family and domestic force* Mental Health* Housing* Community development* Community work* Youth work and juvenile justness* Children’s services* Child protection* Employment services

Answer the undermentioned inquiries based on your research:1. State the sector you have researchedAged attention: Research beginnings shown page 6The community service sector I have done is on Lourdes Nursing Home in Port Macquarie.

2. Identify the current demands of this sector’s mark group. * Staffing deficits are a job at Lourdes Nursing Home and other nursing places as aged attention is a non a desirable occupation to many people as the wage rates for employees are non plenty in this work sector. Peoples have to hold the right features for illustration the demand to be empathetic towards the elderly besides really patient and caring to care for elderly people. * The fact the population is turning and more of our population is ageing over the following 40 old ages so the demand for more attention is prevailing in Port Macquarie.

This in bend is puting great emphasis on our community and on fiscal resources. The demand for more support in the aged attention installations is seting great force per unit area on the wellness system. * A deficiency of beds due to the increasing ageing population has put a big sum of emphasis on the Aged attention sector as the demand is non fiting the demand. * The demand for an updated installation for households desiring their loved 1s to hold their ain suites for privateness and other wants that are non being met.* Due to the deficiency of available beds in the local Aged Care Facility. frequently the patient is sent off to another town’s installation which creates loads on those households that are unable to see due to distance or miss of conveyance.

* Another job arises if a loved 1 has passed off at a peculiar installation there is a memory association that precludes the occupant from desiring to be placed at that place. * Another issue for occupants is the deficit of physicians. When person has to come into attention many physicians don’t travel to see age attention installation. After possibly 40 old ages of looking after them one time these people come into attention the physicians won’t make place visits so. This makes occupants rather isolated a sad idea but this is an issue hard to repair as it comes down to money and clip.3. Identify a Community Service administration within this sector. * The community service administration that I have researched is Lourdes Nursing Home Port Macquarie which had opened in 1975 and has 65 beds.

4. What are the functions and maps of this administration? * To care for people assessed by ACAT as necessitating high attention. * There is a dementedness specific unit for the people that are rolling and have behavioral issues. * Another function is that of alleviative attention.* To carry through the mission statement of serving all those in demand.

* One of their biggest functions are to be respectful of. and actively promote. the self-respect and independency of each individual in our attention. * Then to work in professional mode to both occupants and co- workers. * To hold a high degree of compassion and understanding towards those with worsening capacities.5.

What have been the organisation’s responses to the altering demands of this mark group? Some of the administrations responses to the altering demand are: * Building new installation everything will be new for occupants compared to the old installation. The demand for more privateness has been met in the manner of each individual has their ain sleeping room with bathroom and lavatory. * Having the new installation will better the comfort of occupants and their well-being.

* In the new dementedness specific unit we are able to increase or diminish ward size due to the new design leting for that to happen. * The nursing place can non increase the figure of beds due to the deficiency of support that is allocated to the Aged Care sector.6. How does this administration show a committedness to entree and equity rules? * The administration has demonstrated a committedness to entree and equity rules by its mission statement of handling all people with love and kindness irrespective of age.

race. coloring material or credo. The installation does this through holding occupants from all civilizations. ages and genders and they are all looked after every bit. The administration besides employs people following the same rules.

* At Lourdes they besides cater for many different events by adorning the installation and normally holding a repast from that civilization ( Chinese New Year. Christmas. Celebrations ) .

* Besides for occupants from other parts of the universe we have postings up stating them in their first spoken linguistic communication what a lavatory is in their linguistic communication.7. What strategies has the administration implemented to better work patterns? * There is a booklet that is called an AMQAS that if you need to cognize any process or policy on anything associating to work e. g. personal hygiene. doing a ailment.

* The administration has implemented procedures that comply with current demands from the Department of wellness and household services to better work patterns. * Training and motivational classs are held on a one to two twelvemonth footing to maintain employees up to day of the month with instruction demand.The undermentioned inquiries are about self-reflection.8. For each of the undermentioned.

place 2 schemes you could set about in respects to your personal communicating accomplishments in the workplace.a ) To reexamine or reflect on your personal communicating accomplishments in the workplace ( i. e. reappraisal or reflect on how good you use your accomplishments ) * These things I have asked work co-workers and one of my supervisors about my personal communicating accomplishments in the work topographic point: * Having a non-judgemental attitude is really of import in the industry I work. As all people have different options on how they like things being done and every bit long as the occupation gets done without any injury to anyone that is all right.

* I consider myself to hold great communicating accomplishments in my work topographic point. I am ever understanding of others. I have a positive attack to life. * I understand and am really cognizant of people’s differences both physically and mentally.

* I am good hearer I allow people to talk and do oculus contact rather on a regular basis so the individual I am listening to knows they have my undivided attending. * Besides holding a desire to truly listen to what some one is stating is of import so that no-one can hold a misinterpretation about things in the work topographic point. * With empathy I was told that I ever put myself in client’s places when speaking and understanding both occupants and colleagues.B ) To revise your personal accomplishments in communicating in the workplace ( i.

e. utilizing your contemplations to revise what you do and make it otherwise following clip ) * In state of affairss where I have had to be really understanding is where a occupant has asked me to assist them acquire up from their chair because of their physical inabilities they had problem standing I have taken my clip to assist them in every manner they needed aid. * Sometimes occupants have merely wanted a listening ear and I am at that place to listen and to be reassuring.

* One occupant told me I make a good nurse as I ever want to assist and I am really compassionate. * Sometimes but non frequently there are occupants that can be rather ill-mannered I ne’er argue back as I understand what they are stating is non personal and that the occupant stating these things is non mentally consistent.9. What is the intent of reflecting on your ain work patterns? The intent of reflecting on your ain work patterns is you can see where your ain positives are and negatives are in communicating and better on the negatives to make better following clip this in bend reflects onto others to better themselves. Most of all self-reflections make better people in clip.10.

What work patterns could you reflect on? The work patterns that I could reflect on are remaining with my nursing instead than make all the occupations in the nursing place I do so I get better skilled in nursing. At the minute I am multi-skilled to make laundry. Kitchen and cleansing besides nursing because of the deficit of accessory workers I have been making more of the accessory so nursing so I would wish to reflect on nursing and specialise so my accomplishments and cognition improve.

11. Reflect on your current accomplishments. cognition. qualities or properties in respects to working in the Community Services Industry and reply the undermentioned inquiries:a ) Identify and discourse an country where you would wish professional development. The country that I would wish professional development in is nursing in Dementia as I am really interested in this country I would wish to larn more about the types of dementedness and how to manage the people with this unwellness.B ) Find a preparation administration that provides professional development in this country. Supply the name of the preparation administration every bit good as the rubric of the class.

Dementia and Memory: Community Centre Alzheimer’s Australia NSW.


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