Work Experience Diary – Counting Traffic Essay

As my alarm went off at 8 O’clock in the morning, I got out my bed looking forward to the day ahead. I seized my towel and went into the bathroom, brush my teeth and had a bath.

I then put on my clothes and went downstairs. I saw my mum and she said to me “have something to eat before you go”. So I had a bowel of cereal and left. I caught the 179 bus to Gants Hill and took the central line train to Chancery Lane. When I got out of the station, I walked for about 2 minutes then I saw Roshan walk out of McDonalds and we started talking about the day ahead.

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When we got to a building next to the HSBC bank at ten to ten in the morning, we took the lift to the third floor. We got out the lift and then went to the reception to ask if someone could come and collect us. A man called Simon came to collect us and he took us to their office. When we got there they told us where the kitchen, fire exits and fire extinguishes were. Then he introduced all the other workers. Then we went downstairs so he could show us the meeting point in case there was a fire. When we got back upstairs, we were showed how to identify traffic.

There were about eight different sets.These sets were: Car LGV (Light Goods Vehicle) MGV 1-2 (Medium Goods Vehicle 1-2 axles) MGV 2-3 (Medium Goods Vehicle 2-3 axles) HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Busses/Coaches Motorbikes Cycles We were then showed how to use the super video player and how to count traffic. Then from 10-1 O’clock, we sat down in front of a television screen inserting videos into the super video player counting traffic. We would count the number of vehicles going by with two sets of counters. We recorded traffic in 15-minute periods. Every 15 minutes we would write down the results on a sheet of paper.Then we asked Peter Brewster if we could go to lunch, and he said “yes”, then he said “but next time don’t ask just go”. He told us that lunch is between 12-2 O’clock.

He then said lunch is an hour. Roshan and I went to McDonalds for lunch. Then we went to a phone shop to look at some phones.

After that, we went to ‘Maplin Electronics’ we looked at all the electronic things such as disco lights and DJ decks. We then went back to the office were we continued counting traffic until 5 O’clock we were told by Peter Brewster, that we were going to be picked up at half past 5 to do a 12 hour survey.I went with Clive and Roshan went with Irwin. Then we left the office and went home by tube. Day 2: Tuesday 8th October Today Clive picked me up from my house at quarter to six in a company car and we went to Chatham Hill in Kent. On the way there, we started having a conversation about what he use to do before he worked here. He asked me what subjects I am doing and which ones I enjoyed.

When we got there, it was very cold. Clive and I set up the video camera to record traffic. He showed me how to set it up and how to secure it, so it does not get stolen.Clive then inserted the video into the camera and pressed record. We then sat in the car and took turns counting the traffic and recording them on a chart. Every 15 minutes we would write down the results then reset the counters we were using and start counting again. Every three hours we would have to change the video cassette. At about 11 O’clock Clive gave me some money to by breakfast and I said thank you.

I got out the car and took my hat. I had to walk for ten minutes downhill before I got to the town centre. I had a look in some shops then went to McDonalds to have some breakfast.After that, I walked back to the car then we swapped turns counting traffic and Clive went off to buy some breakfast. At about 3 O’clock it was Clive’s turn counting traffic and he let me play games on his laptop.

1 hour later, we swapped what we were doing, and I was counting traffic and Clive was playing games. At 7 O’clock, we stopped counting traffic, and we packed the video camera away and we went to go lay a traffic counter. Clive drove for about 10 minutes and we then got out of the car and put on a fluorescent jacket (Class 3). He then showed me what I had to do to help him lay a traffic counter.We had to put two rubber tubes across the road and connect these tubes to a traffic counter. We drilled holes in the ground to tie these tubes down so they do not get loose. When we laid the tubes, we connected them to the traffic counter and chained that to a lamppost.

Then we plugged the traffic counter into the laptop to see if it was working properly. Once we had checked it Clive and me packed away the equipment we were using then he dropped me off home. Day 3: Wednesday 9th October No Work Day 4: Thursday 10th October Today, I was picked up at half past 4 in the morning to go for a survey in Cambridgeshire.We were going to the survey in Addenbrookes to ask them a couple of questions. The survey was based on if people worked in Addenbrookes or not. I was picked up by Kiran, who brought along her sister.

Kiran worked in the IT section where she inputted data. She brought along her sister is well. Once she picked me up, she went and picked Roshan up. On the way there we all started talking and after Roshan and me were listening to music on his CD player. Once we arrived at Addenbrookes were split up into groups and told where our positions were to do the survey. We all had to wear fluorescent jackets.We started our survey at 7 O’clock in the morning and finished at 7 O’clock in the afternoon.

During our 12 hour survey we all swapped positions every 30-90 minutes to stop us all getting board. During the survey, I got many people to answer the questions, but sometimes when I would ask someone if they could answer some questions in my survey. I had to ask three questions to pedestrians and one question to cyclists. At two thirty, I had my lunch for an hour and a half. After lunch I was back to doing my survey.

At 7 O’clock, I stopped doing the survey and went back to the place we were sorted, which was in the car park.We then packed up some equipment then Kiran called her sister, Roshan and me to get in the car because we were going home. First Kiran dropped Roshan off home, then she too me home. I got home that day at eight thirty. Day 5: Friday 11th October No Work Day 6: Monday 14th October When I got to work today, I arrived at 10 O’clock. Today I had to count traffic again by using the super video player.

I found it a lot easier today because I was getting used to it. I finished two tapes by 12 O’clock, and then I went for my lunch. I went to a sandwich shop called PRi??T A MANGER. I bought a sandwich and a drink.It was very expensive there and the whole thing cost me i??3. 70. After my lunch, I went to Dixons and WHSmaiths to look and some Playstation 2 games.

At five to one, I made my way back to the office. When I got there, I continued the job I was doing. At 3 O’clock, my mother phoned the office. At this time, I had finished counting traffic on another video cassette.

She phoned to ask if I could leave early because I had a dentist appointment at four thirty. Peter Brewster agreed to let me go so I went home. Day 7: Tuesday 15th October I arrived at the office at nine thirty today.I started finishing the work I did yesterday. I finished this work by quarter past ten. I was then told to input the data in a computer and print it out then save it.

I then gave the printed sheet to peter Brewster who put it into a folder. I went to lunch today at twelve thirty. I went to Sainsbury’s because it is a lot cheaper than the sandwich shop I went yesterday. From here, I could buy twice as much of food with the amount of money I spent yesterday. I went back to the office to heat my food, and make some noodles. After my lunch, I was given another task to do.I had to get some work that needed completed, and would you not believe it, I got stuck with counting traffic again.

This time it was more boring than the last. By the end of today, I had fished a quarter of my job. I found counting traffic was very easy but to boring. If I was being paid, I might have enjoyed my job more.

I was dismissed today at five thirty. Day 8: Wednesday 16th October I arrived at work at nine thirty today. I went to go get some counters and the work I was doing yesterday. As I was counting traffic, it was making me dizzy and tired. At about twelve thirty Roshan told me that Mrs Foster was here.She called Roshan to a separate room to be asked questions.

While Roshan was in there Peter Brewster said once I had gone for my small interview by Mrs Foster to go and see Mrs Foster out to the doorstep. I was thinking why but then I just thought maybe to please her that I am polite. If peter Brewster said nothing I do not think, I would have seen Mrs Foster out. When Mrs foster called me, I was wondering what she was going to ask me. She asked me questions like: How are the people like here? What have I done since I have been here? Have I been shown the fire exit?Once I had answered all her questions, she told me do not forget your homework and I said ok.

I then showed Mrs Foster out as Peter Brewster told me to. When I did this, I felt kind of weird for some odd reason. Once I showed her out, I went back and did some photocopying. Then I continued with my work. I finished work at half past five today and I got most of my work done.

A person called Mike came to Roshan and me just before we were going to go home and said, that Roshan was going to be doing a survey in the morning. Therefore, he would be picked up from his house at 6 O’clock in the morning.Therefore, he could go home at three instead of half past five. I was told that I was going to be doing a survey in the afternoon so I could come in at 11 O’clock in the morning.

But I would finish at half past 7. I was then told that I could go home then I went home with Roshan. Day 9: Thursday 17th October I got to work at 11 O’clock today. When I went into the office, I got two sets of clickers and yesterdays work. I finished the work by 12:30 then went to lunch. I went to Sainsbury’s and bought some naan, a drink, some crisps and ice cream. I went back to the office and heated the naan then started eating.

When I finished eating, I inputted the results of the work I finished ant then printed it out. Once I did that, I put it into a folder. I finished inputting data by 2 O’clock. Once I inputted the data, I did a little more video work. Then I inputted the data printed it out, and then filed it. I finished all this by half past three. Then I went to Dianne so she could make my time card.

A time card shows you how many hours you have worked in a week, what jobs you done throughout the week and how much you were paid during that week. After this, I did some photocopying then at four me and someone called Dave got ready to go out on a survey.We left the office at half past four and took a tube to Edgware Road.

We arrived at Edgware road at 5 O’clock. At half past five, we started counting traffic for two hours. We used clickers for this. Then we would write down the results every 15 minutes then start counting again. At half past seven we finished then I helped Dave pack the equipment away then we both went home. I got home at quarter to 9 that night. Day 10: Friday 18th October Today I got to work at nine thirty.

I filled in my work experience book today and helped people get there work done. I inputted some data and printed it out. I saved the work then filed it.Mike gave me some stickers today to put on video covers. He also gave me a big folder to fill in with the stuff the Roshan photocopied. I had to take the trolley down downstairs and unload a car then put that stuff onto the trolley, then take it back upstairs to unload.

That took me about 10 minutes. I also sold my CD today to a girl that works there. Today was basically photocopying and printing work that I did for my reference. I also had to fill in my work experience book by getting help from others and drawing diagrams.

Clive had to draw a management structure in my book because that is what one of the questions were in it.At twelve thirty, Roshan and I went to Sainsbury’s to get something to eat. I bought some crisps and a drink. I also bought a sandwich from Benjys. We both took our food to the office and ate peacefully. I then did about three hours of video work that needed finishing. I finished it then inputted the data, printed it and filed it.

At 5 O’clock, Clive called Roshan and me to tell us about our behaviour over the two weeks. We both got very good reports. He filled in my book with all good comments then he said if we wanted a job here to call them up. Then we greeted everyone, said goodbye and went home.


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