Work Experience Reflection Essay

1. Put up an events calendar for the company’s cooperate section ( as I was working in this section during my work experience )2.

Look for future possible clients3. Write a web log on Florentijn Hofman’s xanthous duck

What was something that happened that you were prepared for because you expected it to go on? I expected to be given work that I didn’t wholly understand the full construct under as neither of my parents or relations work in the PR direction house and hence I didn’t have a clear apprehension of the field before my work experience. However. I got through this trouble by either believing difficult about it or inquiring one of the people I was working with. They were really friendly and supportive and hence I was given a clear account of my undertaking instantly. which was highly helpful as it enabled me to understand the undertaking better.

What was something that happened that you were non prepared for because you had non expected it? I expected to be highly busy and stressed due to the work load nevertheless this was the complete antonym. I was good prepared for this as I’m used to it when I have a batch of prep to given in at school. However. over the hebdomad.

I was really surprised with the sum of work I was given. This company didn’t seem to hold a batch of work for me to make and therefore. during some periods of clip. I didn’t have any work to make but luckily I had my work experience brochure for me to make which forestall me from acquiring bored. I believe the grounds for me non holding adequate work to make is because the section that I was working for were highly busy during that hebdomad as they had many deadline to do.ContemplationThrough my work experience. I was given a great of sing the on the job life.

This is non merely through the hebdomad but besides before my existent work experience as I had to compose formal application letters every bit good as a sketch and although I’ve had an internship antecedently. I ne’er had to compose one as it was a household friend and hence wasn’t about as formal. Additionally I realized the many differences that existed between school life and work life as everyone is much more serious in the working universe since they have to work hard in order to have a wage which is high plenty to carry through the things they have to make such as rise a household.Furthermore. my assurance. communicating and teamwork developed by a batch as throughout the hebdomad.

I had to work with several people. I besides impressed my employer with my formal missive composing accomplishments which made them accept me. impressed my employer with my appeal. enthusiasm and hard-working attitude during my arrangement. set my communicating and assurance accomplishments when I worked with the people at my work arrangement.

was organized as I finished everything that I was told to make and convey all the necessary points and was confident as I ever asked inquiries if I wasn’t certain about the undertaking that I was given.Work Experience BackgroundThe company that I worked for during work experience is situated in The Broadway. 54-62 Lockhart Road. Wanchai. Hong Kong.

They are a Public Relations Management house and it’s their occupation to do certain that their clients are guided through the traditional and societal media so that their concern ends are achieved. I chose this arrangement. as I wanted to open up my picks for my possible calling waies in the hereafter as I haven’t finalized what I want to make in the hereafter and PR Management was one of the few occupations that I didn’t understand at all but still interested me. The same state of affairs applied for banking nevertheless I chose non to work for a bank as I have relations who work in Bankss and they told me that I wouldn’t be able to understand the constructs good due to my immature age.Work Experience TaskDuring my work experience hebdomad.

I was given a sum of four undertakings that I had to finish. Although I was somewhat confused with some of these undertakings in the beginning. one time I asked for a clearer and simpler account. there were reasonably easy to finish. The two undertakings I enjoyed the least was the events calendar and assisting the company to look for possible future clients. The events calendar that I had to make was a calendar that dated the events that the cooperate section could go to in order to happen more contacts and/or more clients. These events included things that were merely for people working in the PR house every bit good as those who are in the fiscal field.

This undertaking was something that I didn’t bask really much as there weren’t many events that could easy be found through the Internet and clear inside informations weren’t given if they were found and therefore it couldn’t be determined if the event was suited for the intent of the cooperate section of Racepoint Group.I didn’t truly bask looking for possible future clients either as I used chirrup to make this and since I don’t have a chirrup history. in the beginning. I wasn’t certain how to utilize it nevertheless as I repeatedly did this.

I got used to it. The chief ground why I didn’t bask it was because the clients that they were looking for had to hold something to make with health care and China. This was really hard to happen as non many people use Twitter in China and therefore it was difficult to happen clients. The undertaking that I truly enjoyed and was most proud of was composing a web log about the xanthous duck. which attracted a batch of the Hong Kong’s public. I found this really interesting as although I knew about the xanthous duck. I didn’t know any background information about it. the intent of it or the reaction of the public towards it and by composing this web log.

I found out all this information. I was highly published with this web log that I wrote as the individual who assigned me this undertaking published it onto a web site which has ne’er happened to me before.Work Experience LessonsFrom this work experience. I’ve realized that I likely won’t be taking up this calling in the hereafter as although I did bask it. I don’t believe I enjoyed it plenty to prosecute it as my future calling.

Since I truly bask larning about economic sciences and mathematics in school. I believe that in the hereafter. my calling will be entirely based on these topics. which could perchance be banking. The working life in this country besides seemed rather dull as it was highly quiet and throughout the twenty-four hours. everyone was either on a computing machine. at their desk.

working or in a meeting which I don’t believe I will able to make throughout my calling.Knowledge gained from work experienceNo uncertainty I learned a batch about the PR Management field. Through this work experience hebdomad. I now have a much clearer apprehension of the field. unlike before the occupation. My communicating accomplishments between grownups and myself has besides massively improved as besides from my parents and relations. I don’t have long conversations with grownups on a day-to-day footing.

My assurance has besides improved. as I’m more comfy in happening out how to make my given undertakings by myself. I’ve besides experienced working in the on the job universe such as what the ambiance is like and the kind of people you may run into.


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