Working with Children and Young People Essay

0-5 years – babies and children between ages of 0-5 will learn from adults facial expressions, and watching adults point to objects as they say it ie.

. a ball. Babies will start with babbling, then using 1 words in varietys of ways, sentences will become longer.5-11- childrens speech will become clearer,as there tongue teeth and jaw develop. Children will learn that language is used to get their point of view across to others.

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childrens level of language is key to their acquiring th skills of reading and writing.11-16- between the ages of 11-16 their speech will usually be fully developed,they will tend to gossip and talk about friends behind their backs, they will have lost all their baby teeth and grown adult teeth so speech will be developed.1.2- When adult support is providedfor children there are many positive effects. Emotional developmentPositive adult support also helps childrens emotional development.Not only do children become more confident,they also find through words ways of controlling their emotions and expressing their needs. Speech language and communication skillsVery quickly, if high-quality support is given, children can show progress in their speech,language and communication skills. Working with children can be very rewarding and parents often delight in the improvement that their children are showing.

BehaviourMany children who are finding it hard to communicate and speak will show aggresive, uncooperative and frustrated behaviour.Being able to communicate effectively can make an enormous difference to childrens behaviour. Spending more time communicating with your children will show less attention seeking behaviour Social interactionAt the heart of social interaction is childrens ability to communicate. This means that positive support can quickly make children more outgoing and also confident in their interactions. many practitioners report that once children have more speech and language,they are able to play more easily with other children.1.4Language is at the heart of cognitive and social development.

Lanugage allows you to think,to control your behaviour and processnew information. Without a wau of using language.cmunicatin can be limited and so children may feel isolated and frustrated.

Language is also linked to the development of literacy. Children who have poor speech find it hard to understand the link between sounds and letter shapes and so reading can become delayed. Writing can become delayed as you need words to write.

Loss of teeth can affect childs speech. accents, children may communicate with sign cards or makaton also.4.2children may point to things they wantmay only say word worded sentencesmay have tantrumsbecome frustrated with staff an childrenfind it hard to play with others4.3Contact your senco coordinator.


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