World Heritage Arc de Triomph Essay


Arc De Triomphe I think should be listed on the world heritage list because of it’s cultural significance for it honours those who fought and died for France in the French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, French victories were also inscribed on the inside and outside the Arc de Triomphe.The Arc de Triomphe is located in Paris France in the place Charles de Gaulle with the map coordinates of 48.873736,the height of Arc de Triomphe is 50m (164ft), witdth45m, depth22m it was designed and constructed by Jean Chalgrin,Louis Etienne Hercart de Thury.

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Arc de Triomphe as shown in the following references below shows some of the following that meets the world heritage criteria.

* Represents a masterpiece of human creative genius (i)
* Is directly associated with events or living traditions, beliefs with artistic and literary works of outstanding universal significance (iv)


Comparing the Arc de Triomphe and the other sites on the World heritage list I do agree that all the sites on the world heritage list are aesthetically pleasing and they all have beautiful artistic features like the Chateau de Chambord with its beautiful iconic monumental features. The Salzburg with its architectural masterpiece being able to be beautifully conserved as it was slowly developed over the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. Machu Picchu with its beautiful authenticity with the most extraordinary urban creation of the Inca Empire, which would be a good archaeological source.

But their all-missing one thing they’re all not the Arc de Triomphe with its beautiful History inscribed onto the arc. Although it is a not a natural site but a cultural site it still is an outstanding example of what a cultural heritage is, it should be preserved and protected for although it seems like a normal arc with beautiful artistic carvings beneath all that there is a story, there is history of wars one by France inscribed on the inside and out of the arc. For it honours all those who died for France and has huge meanings beneath a wonderful arc.

Final statement:

Although other sites seem more beautiful and have more monumental treasures most of those sites don’t have as much meaning and value like the Arc de Triomphe.


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