World History – Imperalist forces created a new political/ economic order in South Asia Essay

The imperalist forces between 1750-1900 in south Asia created a new social order, and they created a new economic system but the strength of the Asian religions remained strong.

Throughout the time period a new social order was created in south Asia. Before during the middle 18th century and the early 19th century South Asia was dominated by the caste system. People would not associate with people of different castes. The problem was so great that there was even an untouchable caste. During the later 19th century this all changed. The British and French imperalist reorganized the social structure.

They put the whites at the top and then they grouped all the Indians together and labeled them as natives. This was huge. This was never done before, now instead of being an untouchable, or a Brahmin or a xshitrhea you were an Indian. This change occurred because of several reasons. First the European settlers did this everywhere that they went.

The second reason it happened was because of social darwinsm the white people felt that they were better then everybody else and that they had a burden to make the world more westernized. This change was not very good for the British. It created Indian nationalism and this was a key factor in the uprisings/ the revolution that occurred later on.The Imperalist forces created a new political/ economic order in South Asia. The political system changed dramatically during the early 18th century South Asia was very divided and it was ruled by prices. Later during the late 19th/early 20th century the rule in South Asia became very centralized. This change occurred because of the ideas of the imperalist. During the early 19th century the Europeans wanted to use their mercantalist ideas and they wanted to create their own periphery.

Later on when the Europeans say the resources and potential of South Asia they decided that they wanted it for themselves. This led to the conquest of South Asia; greater India was given to the British and the French got Indochina. The political system also changed because South Asia was ruled by white people for the first time in it’s history. The economic system changed as well. During the early 18th centry South Asia was a major exporter of textiles. Then towards the beginning of the 20th century south asia became an importer of manufactured goods and an exporter of raw materials.

These factors were all brought about because of the impearlist forces. The industrial revolutions that had occurred in Europe created these new ideas that meant the Europeans could get wealthy by doing this to other parts of the world.Throughout the time period the strength of South Asian religions remained strong. Hinduism was never really supresed during this time period. The Christian missionaries did try to convert the natives but this did not work.

This was because of several ideas. The Indians had nationalist ideas during this time period this lead them to go with what was their own and not with the foreign belief systems. This was also because Hinduism/ Buddhism were very similar to Christianity. This was because the both a similar set of beliefs. This also occurred because Christianity was viewed as inferior. The people of South Asia felt that their religions were better.


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