Would the USA be better without a government? Essay

For many years, the people of America have been governed by a democracy, often when people think about a state with no government or a basic set of laws, they imagine chaos, riots, flash fires, angry mobs of people rioting, and basically just destruction everywhere. They are not wrong for thinking that, we have been raised to accept the fact that a nation is usually ran by a government and a basic set of laws. But what if we were a self governed country? An anarchy, which is a state of society without government or law. Can you imagine all the differences there would be?A free state with no government regulation, just freedom.

Yes, sounds amazing, freedom, but is that really a great thing for the nation as a whole? Well, there can be many pros to it as well as cons. In an anarchy if conditions are perfect, you get a well-functioning community that should last a while, Because the community works together, there is much to be learned from everyone else, intellectually or artistically. Everyone chips in for food, maintenance, shelter, everything. It’s a low-cost form of living. The experience is liberating, imagine defying society by refusing to buy food, going to college or having a job!Anarchy is basically complete freedom, power for the people and each man for himself. As great as it may sound, there are also many cons to an anarchy.

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It usually leads to the breakdown of a society, there would be no rules or regulations, so people can commit terrible crimes like murder, rape, theft and get away with it. Life would turn into survival of the fittest. A dictatorship can also easily spring up through an anarchy to control things once more. Past Anarchist Spain and Anarchist Ukraine had many pros and cons.Pros: They were highly orderly, had very low murder and rape rates, very little violence outside the war efforts, and allowed for humans to take on their true nature. Standards of living increased from poverty level to semi-middle class.

Happiness increased drastically. Only created a military for defense reasons, and the military was non-hierarchical. Cons: Religion was often shunned by the society. Being free from the rules of authority seems great but there would be so much disorder and tension.

We need a basic set of laws and a central government to run efficiently.I don’t believe in an anarchist rule, I don’t think it would ever work out. It would just lead to more violence and less stability, people would be committing endless crimes and not get punished for it. Anarchy, Coupled with many other changes, would mean a viable way of organizing things. As long as it went along with an end to social classes, money, armies, countries and powerful companies, it would just mean people co-operating to produce goods and live peacefully. Like most of human history, in fact. But usually it wouldn’t end up peaceful, survival of the fittest.


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