Write a letter to your local MP arguing against the closure of the youth centre near your house Essay

Dear Sir,

I am writing to argue against the closure of the youth centre situated in [Name of town], [Name of city]. It is my belief that the youth centre allows young people to socialise, make new friends and try a wide range of new activities. With the closure of the centre, youths are more likely to loiter around more, hence causing social problems.

Recent studies and statistics show that just over sixty percent of crimes are committed by youths under the age of nineteen. This is equivalent to just over ten percent of all youths across the country. In my opinion, the thing stopping the rest of the youths from being antisocial is the number of youth centres in the country. With these youth centres, many youngsters have things to do in their free time, thus preventing them from passing their time anti-socially. The centres, therefore, are a key factor in preventing the spreading of crime and antisocial behaviour. I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that in these current economic times, it is necessary to find ways to prevent youngsters from committing crimes.

In these economic times, not only is it essential to find ways to reduce crimes, but it is also essential to try and stabalise the economy for the future. What is really worrying in these times is that many people lack the appropriate skills needed to work in a team, talk to clients and invest their money and their ideas. This is, in my belief, a major factor preventing economic growth. However, the youth centres across Britain teach all of these essential skills to youngsters. This will, therefore, prepare the youngsters for the future and could potentially be a major factor in maintaining economic growth in the future. Thus, the closing of the youth centre in [Name of town] will prevent some youngsters from gaining these important life skills.

Lastly, these youth centres provide a way for youths to meet new people and make friends. It is unbelievable to my ears that the council wishes to take away this fantastic opportunity to young people from making new friends. A recent study carried out by Childline, an organisation which promotes the well-being of youngsters, found that the youths most likely to commit or attempt suicide are the ones who are unable to find any friends. It is hence unbelievable to me that the council is taking away something necessary for youths to live a happy, successful life. Why the council do not think about such things is beyond me, and I am sure you will agree with my opinion.

As you can see, the closure of the youth centre could have potentially harmful effects both to the youths themselves, and to the social well-being of society. Thank you for taking some time to read this letter and I am sure you will agree with me with the points raised.

Yours Faithfully



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