Write a Newspaper article about a TV advert you love or loathe Essay

Don’t you just love it when you’re snuggled up on the sofa watching your favourite movie on the TV? Yeah me to… Except from it gets to the most breath-taking moment and BOOM. Adverts. You can’t escape them now; you watch them on the television, Read them in books and Listen to them on the radio. It’s really irritating isn’t it? Especially when it’s the Go Compare commercial. I mean it seems to go on forever; it’s not just a twenty second burst of annoying, foolish, operatic rubbish, it’s a 2 minute long, repetitive cat screeching noise that makes your blood boil!

Then by the time it’s finished you’ve lived a whole two minutes of torture and you’ve totally forgotten about the tense moment in the film you were watching. Ridiculous isn’t it? Gocompare. com is a British financial services comparison website. The website enables people to compare prices on a variety of financial products, such as car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance, motorbike insurance, van insurance, mortgages and utilities. Gocompare. com’s advertising focuses on educating consumers about the benefits of using a comparison site. Since 2009 Gocompare. om have used a television advert featuring a fictional Italian tenor called Gio Compario, and has been voted as the most irritating advertisement of both 2009 and 2010.

The advertisements feature Gio Compario singing the ‘Go Compare’ tune in many Stupid places and situations. Gio appears in everyday settings, such as a coffee shop and in a restaurant, during a business lunch. He also appears in a finishing school and a beach where a man is researching various car insurance deals. Gio is found in near impossible scenarios such as the Georgian times, in the Stone Age and in a cartoon featuring the Big Bad Wolf, rescuing the Three Little Pigs.

In their first television commercial, two attractive men are sat in ‘coffee cup’ talking about their current car insurance, whilst taking a sip of their drinks, Mysteriously Gio Compario a fat, greasy haired, idiot appears from the middle of the street, and stands outside the cafe window, after hearing them chatting. He begins to shout the words to the well-known tune ‘Go Compare’ in his ‘operatic ‘ voice, gradually making his way in to the shop. When he enters he begins to strut down the cafe floor like a prized idiot, explaining why you should visit their website to compare quotes and prices.

Not only performing the moon walk and a pathetic leap across the floor in front of the whole restaurant but also pulling up his dreadful trousers to reveal his retched knee high socks, decorated with green and white spots also sharing his hairy legs. After this traumatic experience, the whole cafe begins to sing and dance along with Gio Compario to the ‘go compare. com’ song , creating such a cringe worthy, ear-piercing noise you just want to scream at them to shut up! I mean seriously who in their right minds would prance around a restaurant singing to the most annoying song on earth?


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