WaterFall Model  VS  Extreme Programming (XP) WaterFall Model·       In waterfall model we gather the requirements from the Costumer.·       Water fallmodel is simple and obedient to use.·       In waterfall model the requirements are read and then develop.·       Feedbackis needed from costumer for accept a phase.

·       Afterchecking the Software published.Extreme Programming (XP·       In XP wecollect requirements from the costumer as Sorties.·       In XP useKIS (Keep It Simple).

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·       In XP theproject is divided into iterations.·       The Costumeralways available.·       All code test.

After pass full tests it is published.   Iterative Model VS  SCRUMIterativeModel·       Using thismodel we can develop effective project.·       Using thismodel we can build and develop project progressive.

·       User Feedbackis compulsory how project will play task.·       Using thismodel short time for document creating and more time for developing.·       We cansetup rough design and in emphasis we can better our project.Scrum·       Usingscrum we can design high-level design because meeting are held daily.

ForProblem Desiccation.·       Worker Groupdecides what they can do to delivering about project.·       TeamMaster befriend with the project owner.

·       Time forready of documents is 1 hour and meeting is 4 hours.·       DailyMeeting is 15 minutes what we do today? Any Problem in Project?  Incremental model  VS Feature-Driven Development Incremental ModelUncomplicated to test in every condition and debugduring a smaller step. In this model customer can see and behave to each built.·       Starting withsmall, work subsystem, later releases add new performance.·       This modelis soft and limited costly to change capacity and problems are easy to change.·       Do workingrapidly and fresh as the same time as the program life cycle.Feature-Driven Development·       Five basicactivities, an all model, the building of a factor list, the planning byfactor, the designing by factor, and the building by factor.·       Featuredriven development was also built as domain object modeling, developing byfactor and code ownership.·       If it willtake two or more than two weeks, then it will have to be broken down intosmaller factors and working on it.·       Featuredriven development main plan is to pass physical, working software many timesin a timely way.


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