A compromise can do alot.

It can bring people together, or spread them apart, it can be useful oruseless. The definition of a compromise is usually referred to make somethingbetter than it was before and with a compelling cause, but sometimes it’s notthat simple. Yalta was a conference held in Russia in 1945 in February. This conferencewas a world changing event that affected much of history. 3 powerful leadersattended this conference, at the beginning there was lots of conflict and itwas resolved and had many effects on the entire world. The world was in badshape. Millions had just died for no cause.

This cause was called a war. The warkilled around 50million when other causes like famine and poverty brought the number up toabout 80 million. Around 25,000,000 Russians died in the war and around8,000,000 Germans, only proving even more that the worlds state was not good atall. Countries were against each other and would not compromise. After multipleattempts at bringing each other together including evaluating fighting andcutting ties their people thought there would be no changing point.

That was whenthe world war thought to be ending. An ending the the war and the hatred. Worldwar 2 was closing the world needed to be helped.

They needed help fast or elsethey would fall into a deep whole of debt, loss of life, hatred. After monthsof this limbo the leaders of the 3 most powerful countries at the time, Russiawas the biggest piece in the war. With the most deaths, weapon production,Civilian death, and Tank production they were not a country you would want to haveto cut ties with. America with great and industrious discoveries that were influentialto the wars progression.

And Brittan the country that was a turning point inthe form of Nazi invasions. These 3 countries leaders decided to come togetherand help rejoin the world. After much time deciding of where, when and how Roosevelt,Stalin and Churchill decided that it was a logical idea and were set to meet.

 ^1 explains how the second world war started,it also showed how Hitler started with malicious plans early. This relates tohow Yalta started because of how Europe was trying to get right again after theterrible group that was the Nazis came to power. Europe was not the onlycountry to be damaged, America was also involved, America was one of the mainfighters in the war, they were also terrible changed, millions of Americanshave been killed and the government was still trying to economically recover.Another leading factor in the creation of the conference was for the three toevaluate their own current state.

After all this conflict Joseph Stalin theleader of Russia, Franklin D. Roosevelt the American President and BritishPrime Minister Winston decided to meet up in Yalta in Crimea, Soviet Unionwithin the Alluvial, Yusupov, and Vorontsov Palaces.  ^2 .

This great excerptcreated by multiple authors states that Germany split Europe so far apart andcaused so much damage that they would need to pay, and they would pay a bigprice to say it simply. The group of three having the Nazis in mind kept goingon and making ideas and promises. Stalin started to make large promises. Thesepromises ultimately impacted the way that he was viewed by his One of the mostexciting ones was the promise of keeping elections free in Russia. This was abig deal because before this promise it had not happened. Another big promisewas to split Berlin.

^3 Explains how on august 13 of 1961 the GDR agreed thatthey would build a wall complete with concrete and barbed wire between east andwest Germany to keep people out. The wall was torn down destructively with varioustools including pick hammers, axes and even their own hands and why thishappened very well. These compromises continued for about a week. The detailsabout this conference were held confidential. The public soon gained knowledgeof it and it was greatly appreciated.

The world was finally looking forward topeace. Until Stalin lied. Stalin was the one of the most powerfull men inexistence ta the time he had millions under his command and an enormous army.This statement of pure fabrication That’s when everything changed. ^4. Stalin’slie was not the only way that the people were negatively affected, there was somuch more. Stalin’s big promise ofallowing elections to be free turned out to be a big lie.

Once again accordingto the Office of the Historian. ^4This explains how at the beginning of theconference people were very happy but that happiness was short lived. Americacriticized Roosevelt for his bad cooperating. This was because of how hispromises did not change much. One of the biggest events caused by Yalta was theberlin wall. Berlin was split right down the middle. According to Aftermidnight in 1961, German soldiers would start the process of putting barbedwire and bricks to build a fortified grand wall between East Berlin and the westernsection of the city. They did this because east berlin was soviet controlled, andthe western part was democratic, and they didn’t want to continue war byputting people with different ideas together.

And after World War II, defeatedGermany was split into zones decided by British, American, Soviet and Frenchideas. Berlin although still part of the Soviet zone, split as well, Sovietstook the eastern part of the city. After an Allied airlift in June of 1948foiled a Soviet attempt to blockade West Berlin, was drawn even more tightlyinto the Soviet group.

For close to 12 years, cut off from America East Germanysaw between 2.5 million and 3 million of its citizens go to West Germany insearch of a better life.  This dominoeffect of people leaving led to a large war, The Cold War. This war was mainlyfought between Russia and America although there were many other smallcountries on the side.

They fought for around 45 years causing many other grandevents to happen. The cold war resulted in Russia weapon funds being cutseverely and leaving millions jobless. Wars were not the only thing created byYalta. It also gave the Soviet Union control over Eastern Europe. More than36,000 Americans died in the cold war and many thousand other Chinese Russianand Korean, although its true that there was never any direct shooting orformally declared statement of war there was many proxy wars and fights causedby a choice of side. The violence grew by the day.

In the grand scheme of theworld the Yalta conference was an enormous domino effect spiraling down into eventslike the cold war, The berlin wall, the Korean war and even the space race! Theevent of Yalta might have been a small event in a physical sense, it was in aroom in Russia with 3 people, they had a conflict on there mind and were thereto fix it, they compromised on multiple thing and the effects were voluminouslycolossal. In a nutshell the Yaltaconference was a meeting of the heads of government of the United States, theUnited Kingdom and the Soviet Union for the purpose of discussing how Europewas going to get back together after the second world war. At this conferencemany things happened such as Stalin blatantly lying and being caught, the splitof Berlin between superpowers and more hatred being shown to Russia.

Europe wassplit and very disturbed being shown to be a big international issue. It wascompromised that Russia would have free elections and berlin would be split.This free election did not happen, but the split did. The conflict was the warand post war plans, the compromise was free elections and the split of berlin.The entire event of the conference has changed the world in multiple diverseways and effectively was caused by a compromise.


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