Year Physics Essay

Distance Time For example, if you have a car that has traveled km in 20 minutes the average speed would be 1 km/2.

Min. 2) A student measures the distance their rocket travels and has also recorded the length of flight. He works out the speed with the two values measured, and exclaims “Vive worked out its top speed! ” Discuss this statement. This is a false statement, the student has not worked out the rockets top speed, they have found the average speed of the rocket using the distance over time formula. 3) State Newton’s Third Law.

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Explain the third law using the rocket as your example. Newton’s third law states that if you apply a force from A to be, you will get an equal force from B to A. For example when launching the rocket and putting air pressure in the rocket, the rocket was apply and equal force back. 4) State Newton’s Second Law. Explain the second law using the rocket as your example.

Newton’s second law states that force = mass x acceleration. This means they all link with each other, for example if somebody was to have all rockets with the same amount of air pressure, but a different mass it will affect the acceleration of the rocket. State Newton’s First Law. Explain the first law using the rockets as your examples.

Newton’s first law state that an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. For example, if a person was in space and put the rocket in the air out of their hands it would not move, if the person pushed the rocket, the rocket would not stop moving because there is no gravity (force) pulling it down and stopping it. So when launching the rocket where there is a force of both gravity and wind, the rocket will be pulled down to the ground and come to a stop.


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