You Call This Even Handed? Essay

The feature article You Call This Even Handed? Refugees Series is Strictly for the Gullible (YCTEH) was written by Ray Jorden published in the Sydney Morning Herald on June 23, 2011. It defined and explores the falseness of the film Go Back to Where You Came From.

It uses numerous techniques and conventions to convince and inform the reader that the documentary creates a false understanding of refugees and asylum seekers.The article follows the structure of a feature article, but is also shaped by the structure of a feature article. The article follows the structure of a feature article by containing the usual title, byline, date, intro, body paragraphs and conclusion. However the structure also helps the shape the article to help create meaning and understanding. The title is attention grabbing as well as informative. The use of a question directed at the reader and the use of words including “Strictly and Gullible” attract the readers attention and the word “Refugee” allow the reader to know what the text is about. The introduction of the article was also attention grabbing as it give the reader an insight of the history of the topic/issue as well as how the issue/topic affects the reader’s day to day lives. The use of strong words including “Passionate, manipulated and empathy” all help challenge each other as well as attract the reader.

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The body paragraphs use various techniques and conventions to shape the article’s meaning and purpose. The body paragraphs contain quotes from the documentary. The quotes used in the article are taken from the documentary then are argued and analyzed. The quotes taken are usually are high interest to the target audience. Hence are usually argued to encourage the reader to agree with the writer’s opinion. The body paragraphs also contain a lot of statistics and numbers to inform as well as appeal to the reader like a news article. The numbers taken from the documentary are described as false and are then argued and used to persuade the reader into agreeing with the writer. There was also use of interviews by people with high status like Dr David Corlett and everyday people like Raquel and Raye help to persuade the reader through gaining trust and attracting the reader on an emotional level.

The article stays well on topic. It does not go into unnecessary detail. The use of images in throughout the text helps keep the reader engaged at all times without drawing attention away from the topic/issue. The use captions also help to inform the reader and proved sense and meaning within the images. Words like “manipulated” in the captions also help the give away the purpose of the article.

The length of the article was also appropriate as the information was short and concise. The information was condensed into small parts so the reader does not lose attention.The feature article targets Australians and persuades them to disapprove the interpretations explored in the documentary Go Back to Where You Came From. The feature articles follows the structure of a feature article however its meaning and purposes is deeply shaped by the conventions and techniques used throughout the text.


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