You don’t have a drinking problem, right? Essay

You hardly touch the stuff, am I right?Sure last Friday you were absolutely smashed at a party, but that don’t count it was a mates birthday.And Saturday night? You and your mates were supposed to be staying in the night.

What turned into a few bourbons, followed by a few vodkas, followed by a few shots? Which ended up with you been bundled into a taxi in the early hours of the morning!You wake up the next morning with a killing headache, a mouth as dry as the sahrah desert. Oh crap you’ve lost your mobile on the way too.You might not think that the occasional big boozing session is that harmful. Anyway you still work-out and eat salads for lunch during the week so you should be alright. But believe it or not getting trashed on the week ends still count as alcohol abuse.Do any of you actually know the difference between misuse and dependence of alcohol?Well misuse is when you get yourself so drunk that you get yourself stuck in stick situations. Ever heard of the term beer goggles? It’s when you’re at a party and after a few mr alright turns into mr gorgeous.

On the other hand dependence is total addiction to alcohol. You can’t go through one day or even a gap of a few hours without a drink or even a few swigs.Alcoholics are just old men with big fat noses but in fact in reality. Alcoholics turn out to be you know those kids who nick their parents alcohol out of the cabinet in their teens, generally are those who are totally addicted by their early 30’s, having to have counselling to try and get rid of the dirty habit.Many people just turn to alcohol when pissed off from their day at work, traumatic circumstances, deaths or births in the family, or just pure boredom.

Alcohol is the preferred drug by most because it is easy accessible, and used by the society in general, many people are brought up with alcohol by the family.Many kids turn to binge drinking at an early age, some kids even start at the age of 12.Binge drinking is on the rise, the statistics what are in the polls in magazines, should be about enough to sober you up for life.1/2 of the 14 year olds in Australia alone are drinking and by the age of 16, 3/4 of them are constantly drinking The UK as the highest rates of binge drinking and I can tell you why?Back in England the cool thing to do is drink every weekend every holiday, practically any time you’re not at school. Lately from where I am from they got trashed even on school days.

Your not seen cool unless you are drinking and some people try to prove that they are cool by drinking so much that they lose control of their actions. Then some stupid boys think it’s good to take advantage of these girls and then just leave them in parks.It’s like girls v boys in the drinking competition; they just keep going in till someone passes out.Plus if you don’t follow the majority of the group who are drinking constantly, you begin to be left out of everything, tossed to the side and eventually replaced by their brand new friend ALCOHOL.I don’t really agree with teenagers drinking and drinking until they are no longer in control of their actions.

Year you might think that I sound like you r mother or even your nana or just some boring old fart who sits at home every weekend doing homework or stuff like that.But you would be wrong, I too like to let my hair down, have a big binge on alcohol at a party or too now and then, but not every other day or for whole weekends and till the point where you know longer know what you are doing.I believe that if you think that you are bigger and older enough to allow yourself to drink that you should be bigger and older enough to control your own actions while trashed.Many people have their own beliefs point of view but the main thing is once people start they just can’t stop. No matter what you try to do.So you don’t have a drinking problem right!


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