You need one bandanna for a valentine bag Essay

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this youthful-looking shoulderbag made from a single big bandanna.

Polyester batting firms its sides,and twisted satin cording forms the simple strap. To make one bag, buy a 22-inch-square bandanna (at a varietystore), a 12-by 24-inch piece of 1/2-inch-thick batting, 1-1/8 yards ofcording (or a length appropriate for the height of the bag’srecipent), and a large snap fastener (optional). Cost should be lessthan $5. Fold the bandanna in four to form a square; trace the square’soutline on a piece of paper. Cut out the paper square, fold it in halfdiagonally, and outline a half-heart on its as shown above. Cut out theshape, cutting through both paper layers. Unfold and flatten the heart. Lay the bandanna flat; pin the pattern to each of its corners inturn, matching the placement of the bandanna’s design.

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Cut outfour fabric hearts and two corresponding hearts from batting. Pin two fabric hearts, right sides together, to one batting heart;baste. Machine-stitch these three layers, allowing a 1/2-inch seam andleaving a 2-1/2-inch opening along one straight edge. Trim batting,then turn fabric right side out; hand-stitch the opening. Repeat withthe remaining hearts.

Pin the two stuffed hearts together and pin the cording betweenthem, positioned just outside their top curves; baste. Thenmachine-stitch a 1/4-inch seam around the heart the long way between thetwo cording ends. Stitch the heart point to reinforce ti and stitchover the cording several times to secure it. If desired, sew on a snapfastener at the top center of the heart.


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