Youth Football You Decide Essay

By now we have all discovered that football is a dangerous sport for all age groups.

In the professional leagues, college levels, high school, and even the pop warner leagues (here in Michigan called rocket football), players can end up getting broken bones and perhaps concussions (Lavigne). The much higher levels of the game there can have serious consequences with the risk of serious injuries, there have been multiple cases of paralysis or even death from improper tackling technics.One of the most of the common issues that are making national attention is brain injuries (Lavigne). The problem here is not that we are teaching our kids wrong technics, but accidents happen. With the national attention here is a group of higher up officials in the United States government that is trying to put a ban on youth tackle football (Lavigne). There are several groups asking if there would be a possibility that the government can stop youth football from happening (Lavigne).

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The government can and has put age limits on just about anything they want too.For instance there are limits on smoking, drinking, driving, and watching certain movies or even video games. Ask ourselves why, because it is said to be that children are too immature physically, emotionally, and mentally to wisely choose extra-curricular activities, but here in the state of Michigan children can babysit children as long as they are mature enough. Here again is that mature thing right. It is still up to our judgment as citizens to choose whether or not kids are mature for anything, because we as the parents believe that’s our job not the governments.I have not seen evidence the government is trying to ban other fiscal sports like hockey, wrestling, martial arts, boxing and etc.

Since these are all brutal sports that have a large percentage of injuries too, why not ban these sports also? Here is a better idea lets ban all activities so our kids can’t learn the fundamentals of any sport or activities until they become adults. Matter of fact why even teach our kids about safe sex or abstinence. Why don’t we let them just go and have a whole bunch of kids just like China used too.There is an article from “Outside the Lines” with a survey from several parents about the seriousness of concussions.

In this article it finds that 57 percent of parents out of a 1000 people agree that there is a serious problem with concussions (Thompson). The brief assessment would more likely hold these parents back from letting their children less than 15 years old play tackle football. This survey asked several questions about football injuries, specifically concussions, in the NFL.About two thirds of these parents said concussions are a serious issue especially in the younger age groups (Thompson). Concussions have taken there tolls on parents, who see the connections between pro football, college and even down to the pop warner levels and the risk their children face on the field. “Out Side the Lines” survey finds that some people are choosing the quality of life and family over football (Thompson).

ESPN has been there to reach a judging link between concussions and suicide to severe cases of people involved (Thompson).As everyone knows by now Junior Seau took his own life, as the result of massive cotusioning headaches linked to concussions (Thompson). There has always been a worry how people just like Junior would adjust outside of the NFL (Thompson). Junior was the first one to practice every day, the last one to leave. He was the first one to be at practice making huge hits with not only stand up dummies, but his own team mates (Thompson). Junior was a mad man, but a lot of people didn’t realize that he was in so much pain, because he was living his dream of a professional football player (Thompson).

Junior is not the only player that has had concussions, but he now a statistic, because he took his own life and now is the center of attention about the seriousness of concussions (Thompson). At the Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Canton, reporters from “ESPN” asked several old players like Lynn Swann, Willie Roaf, John Madden, Dermontti Dawson, and several others about what they think about the concerns of the reports about concussions (Lavigne). All of them said that they might have had concussions, but back when they played there wasn’t any esting for them. Most of them just had many knee scopes, broken bones, several surguries and dislocation or separations of fingers or shoulders. After hearing all of this they were asked if they would allow their children to play pop warner football (Lavigne). There answers were mixed with a couple saying no, others saying they are currently coaches for their kid’s teams, or were coaches for their kid’s teams. Dermontti answered with a gasp and said “it was worth it and wouldn’t change a thing” (Lavigne).He also said “I have had a lot of people ask me, my son played football, knowing what you know now, with all the concussion stuff that’s going on, he said I would still play; you play for the love of the game” (Lavigne).

That’s just a risk. It’s going to happen. He says “he might feel good now, but give me ten more years and see where I am then” (Lavigne). Dermontti had a helmet on display at the Hall of Fame.

It was a black Steelers helmet with the famous yellow stripe down the middle and a number on both sides (Lavigne).From the back side of his helmet it looked like a new helmet, but from the front of it the numbers were torn partially off, yellow stripe was ripped up, his face mask was all smashed up with no plastic on it just bare metal, and even his plastic clips that hold the helmet together with screws was almost like a hook (Lavigne). All of this is from head to head contact with massive force. He was asked again and again, and had the same answer “I wouldn’t change a thing” (Lavigne).

I starting reading the book “The Blind Side”, in the part of the book I read it was about Lawrence Taylor on how he was a mad man on the field (Lewis).Everyone feared him when they approached the line. At the time when he started they never recorded quarterback sacks or hardly let alone tackles (Lewis). All they cared about was the next great run, pass, or catch.

When L. T. entered the game in the early 80’s he revolutionized the game bringing it up to the next level.

Within his first year he played against Joe Thaisman (Lewis). When he started the game in his rookie year Joe was just a couple of years away from retirement so he thought.It was early in the second period when the mad man Lawrence was lined up on the right side of the ball (Lewis). When the ball was snapped he was like a mountainous furry of a freight train as he crossed the line tackling Joe from his BLIND SIDE, after the brutal hit that was layed on Joe, he screamed like a baby in such pain (Lewis). L. T. jumped up hooting and hollering smashing his helmet with his hands (Lewis).

Then as he was jumping head bumping his teammates he realized that Joe wasn’t getting up (Lewis). At this time no one knew the severity of the collision, but Joe.When L. T. finally looked back at Joe he seen his leg was all mangled up (Lewis).

Without hesitation L. T. was right there not as the enemy but a friend apologizing ever so much (Lewis). After a few weeks Joe’s career ended. In Lawrence Taylors first year in the NFL, he made a huge impact on the game (Lewis). The league started recording quarterback sacks that year. Just because of the furry that L. T.

put in the eyes of quarterbacks everywhere. This guy was just out doing his game with a vigeon fury for the love of the game what he knew best.There are other cases though that people get paid extra money to go out and just try to take people out of the game. It was early into the new year of 2012 and the president of the NFL had been investigating the brutal hits from several players from the New Orleans Saints since 2010.

In this investigation Roger Goodell and his team found that the Saints had a bounty on other players to take them out of the game. Sean Payton (head coach for the saints) was paying for the excruciating hits that players put on receivers, quarterbacks, and running backs.Within this report the Saints head coach was suspended for the entire season and many players on the team got suspended for several games, because of their involvement and trying to hide the fact of the bounty scandal. These are just a few examples of what is going on here in the world of football, but what is done in the professional level can’t be all said what is happening in every league.

There are a lot of coaches in the lower levels that their entire goal is to do is win. I am a coach in the flag football league for my youngest son’s team and I help coach my other son’s rocket football team.My main goal as a coach, first and for most is about teaching our children proper tackling and blocking techniques so that at the end of the game or practice they all go home safe. When our team goes out and plays it’s not for the win, but it is learning the fundamentals for the game. If we don’t train our kids the fundamentals of the sport in there early years they will not be able to perform in their later years.

The question is up to you, would you let your daughter or son play rocket football?


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