YOUTHS AND PHONES Due to the development of the technology and its assets

Due to the development of the technology and its assets, many inventions occurred and various gadgets were produced, like, computers, mobile phones, television and billions more. Among them mobile phone is now a crucial part of majority of the lives of the youth. The mobile phone users have increased drastically globally due to the development of is mainly because there is so much facilities and applications in a mobile phone, it is really easy to be used and it makes things really simple from complicated whereby one can play games, go through social medias, etc. mobile or cell phones are nowadays an integral part of modern telecommunications in every individual life. In many countries, over half of the population use mobile phones and the mobile phone market is growing rapidly. Though mobile phones have many significances it has also brought intense impacts on the lives of people and specially the lives of the youth. As a person keeps on using mobile phones it leads to a type of addiction making the person dumb and null. It also brings damages to the health of a person. And most importantly as a youth and as a student it disturbs the learning of wholesome education as the mobile phone drags the user out of the crowd and makes a person loner.

Firstly, an excessive use of mobile phone gradually leads to such an addiction where a person fells like something isn’t complete, something isn’t done and the thought of dissatisfaction if he/she doesn’t use mobile phones. this is because when they are addicted to mobile phones they usually don’t come out of their rooms of their comfort zones and become reluctant to respond and refuses to communicate with friends, family and the can also jeopardize the relationship between them and the society as a whole and when they do not have the access to the phone they feel like they have nothing else to do on your own. According to recent research from dscout, people tap, swipe, and click an average of 2,617 times per day and more serious users interact with their phones even more at 3.75 hours per day thereby people become anxious and agitated when the cell phone is out of sight and the most interesting thing is that about 70 percent of the world population uses phone as the first thing in the morning therefore it makes the person so addicted and null without any outdoor or other physical activities.

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Secondly, the health of the teenagers can be negatively affected by using the mobile phones. According to The Vision Council of U.S, cell phone damages our eye sights due to the radiation that is emitted from it as the cell phone use increases so do potential vision problems and eye strains. it can also ruin the postures of the teenagers because majorities of youths keep or hold their phones just below their chest therefore they have to bend their neck downwards without even noticing it. This can affect our posture permanently. Medical researchers continue to examine any health risks associated with mobile phones use and focused on electromagnetic radiation and health effects such as changes in brain activity and sleep patterns. The World Health Organization states that ”A large number of number of studies have been performed over the last two decades to assess whether phones pose a potential risk and they found out that cell phones have non-ionizing radiation which sends radio frequency waves from its antenna to nearby cell towers. when you make a call, text, or use data, your phone receives radio frequency waves to its antenna from cell towers.they have also found out that there is a slight increase in a type of brain tumour, called a glioma,in a small group of people who spent the most total time on cell phone calls in one study.


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