Zimbabwe and the UK Essay

There are many political differences between Zimbabwe and the UK. Firstly, Zimbabwe is run as a dictatorship but the UK is a democracy. Evidence in the newspaper article is “the government declared the strike and protest marches illegal”. In a democracy, declaring strike and protest marches illegal would have to go through the government and it wouldn’t have just been able to declare them illegal straight away.

Also, in that quote it shows Zimbabwe is not concerned about human rights. They are completely ignoring their people’s right of free speech.

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To add to this, the Zimbabwean police have been known to use violence on protesters, often even on non-violent protesters. In the UK, the police are forbidden from violence on civilians unless the civilian is physically threatening the health of the policeman in some way such as throwing objects at them. This shows the differences between a democracy and dictatorship.

Unlike the UK, the Zimbabwean government doesn’t help their countries problems with poverty and looking after the homeless even though the problem is much more severe than in the UK. The government is doing the opposite. UN officials said in Harare they have deprived at least 700,000 people of their homes and livelihoods and affected other 2.4million Harare residents.

As above, there are clear political differences between Zimbabwe and the UK. The UK helps the demands of their country better than Zimbabwe where as Zimbabwe has a corrupt government and doesn’t care about their civilians.


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